About Titan Marine 

Founded in 2010, Titan Marine™ is a brand of Canada Metal (Pacific) that specializes in world class marine chain, rodes, anchors, lines, and shackles. Titan has become a leader in the marine manufacturing industry by making reliable equipment that ensures boat safety and ultimate tensile strength. Titan products are proof-tested and engineered to guarantee to exceed marine industry specifications for stretch and wear as well as for safe mooring.  For example, each chain link is stamped with our CMP logo to show that it has been inspected by our Quality Assurance team. We carry a variety of Windlass, Coil, and Mooring chains in different grades.

At Titan, we build our reputation by putting quality as our top priority. We understand the importance of using reliable equipment for boats, which is why all of our products are proof-tested and engineered in Canada to ensure that they exceed industry specifications. Our team is committed to sourcing and using only the most trusted alloys on the market to guarantee that every boater has a positive experience with all of our products. To continue our leadership in the marine industry, we are constantly expanding our brand with new and innovative technologies that enhance boating experiences.