Yes, all Titan Chain & Shackles are load rated and proof tested to ensure a strong and dependable product.

All Titan Chain & Shackles are Hot Dip Galvanized to provide a superior corrosion resistance.

Not necessarily. The dimensions of the chain types differ depending on the specification. Always check with the windlass manufacturer to see what size chain will work with the gypsy.

Many boaters feel that the chain, shackle and anchor strengths should be similar in an anchoring system. The Titan High Strength Shackles meet or exceed the strength of the most popular high strength chain – Grade 43 High Test.

Titan Marine Products utilizes a color coding system to help to easily identify the type of chain in the various packaging options. 

Titan Marine Chain & Shackles are produced to meet or exceed the rigid US Federal Specification – NACM RR-C-271D. In 3rd party tests, Titan Chain & Shackles performed as well or better than the leading domestic manufacturers both in strength and corrosion resistance.

Titan Marine Products uses a Grade 60 316L Stainless Steel which makes it very strong and reliable for everyday anchoring use – much stronger than most competitive Stainless Steel Chain.

Depending on the diameter of the rope, we use 12”, 15” or 18” pre-spliced eye.


Titan Docklines feature 3 strand and double braid rope types.

Titan Marine Products includes 2 rolls of tape to be used for marking the rode at regular intervals, for example, every 25’, to assist with ensuring the proper scope is used when anchoring.

Titan Anchor Rode Packages feature the most popular sizes of chain to rope combinations in a convenient to buy and use package, with a professionally made splice.

Yes, eventually all metal can eventually rust. With proper care and maintenance you can keep your stainless steel products in great condition for many years.