New Products

‣ Premium Double Braid Nylon

‣ Professionally Spliced

‣ Available in a variety of colors and sizes

Titan Fender Lines

‣ Pre-spliced Double Braided Fender Lines

‣ Pre-spliced Three Strand Fender Lines

‣ Low stretch polypropylene (PP) material

‣ Strong, durable and supple

‣ Variety of colors & sizes

Self-Righting Anchor Swivel

‣ Flip Swivel – upon retrieval the anchor is automatically aligned into the up-right position

‣ Covers the size ranges from Rocna 10-40kg/ 22-88lb and Vulcan 9-40kg/ 19-88lb

‣ Designed and tested to exceed working load of the recommended G40 chain in a linear pull

‣ Compatible with imperial & metric chain

‣ High Strength Stainless Steel

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