The Titan Story

How the Titan Brand Came to Be 

Titan began as an idea from listening to our customers back in 2006.

Our customers came to us asking if we could produce steel products such as chain and shackles. At that time, anodes was the only metal part we were manufacturing and the chain manufacturing market seemed to be either shrinking or consolidating.

Although initially this was not our strong point, we gathered our engineers, production and quality teams to determine what our offering should be and more importantly what our quality should be.

As we would be producing this offshore, where we have a wholly owned operation, we knew there would be push back on imported chain so we made sure that we benchmarked the most popular domestic suppliers as well as any chain and shackle standards. 

Our engineering teams developed drawings and specs. They established testing procedures as per our ISO certification and manufacturing, investing in the latest technology to manufacture high quality chain.

In 2009, we successfully launched Titan Chain and shortly afterwards, Titan Shackles. With a product range that covers all key marine applications, we ensured through internal and external (third-party) testing that our quality is as either good or even better than domestic suppliers.

That still holds true to this day as Titan has become a serious contender in the marine chain and shackle market through our commitment to high quality, meeting the highest standards and standing by our products.

After several years of successful chain and shackle sales, our customers approached once again and asked us, “What about cordage?”

We got into cordage for the same reason as chains and shackles. Our customers noted a manufacturing market that seemed to be shrinking or consolidating and there was again a need for more options.

Though at first it was not our strong point as with starting all new brands and products, we dove right in with our support teams to successfully launch a dock and fender line program. 

Shortly after that, customers asked yet again, “What about chain/rope combos AKA anchor rode packs?”

Since we supplied both chain and rope, it was easy for us to accomplish this.

Very few marine companies produced prepackaged kits and many distributors relied on either in-house or contract splicers which can be costly and time consuming. With that in mind, we again did our homework, determined our offering, trained our teams to splice, completed our quality testing to ensure that we had a high quality line of products.

Now, our anchor rode business is a very robust category with future plans to consider custom rode offerings.

Testing Titan’s Durability

Titan prides itself in having high strength and quality. The following reports attests to Titan’s durability in the form of a tensile test. 

Tensile testing is a destructive test process that provides information about the tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility of the metallic material. It measures the force required to break a composite and the extent to which the specimen stretches or elongates to that breaking point. In other words, the Tensile Test determines the amount of force the chains can withstand before they break. 

Please see the report below for findings.  

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